One of the leading research-rich universities in Southeast Asia by 2015.

Develop a dynamic culture of excellence in research

  1. Generate advanced knowledge by utilizing state-of-the-art research in multi-disciplinary fields.
  2. Diseminate and promote the utilization of research results. Establish a database center of advanced knowledge.
  1. Strengthen the research capabilities of faculty, staff and students.
  2. Conduct individual and collaborative faculty, staff and student researches in multi-disciplinary fields.
  3. Establish national and international linkages with research funding institutions
  4. Accomplish research outputs in referred journals and through Websites. Provide a conducive research environment
  1. Poverty Alleviation
  2. Health and Disease Management
  3. Natural Resources Management, Utilization and Sustainability po icy y and Industry Management Innovations
  4. Teaching and Learning Initiatives
  5. Information System and Communications Technology
  6. Research and Development

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