The library is the heart of our institution. With the aim of supporting the program curricula towards improving the teaching and learning processes in the campus, the library would like to respond to meet the needs of clienteles for knowledge, ideas and information.

Values development that aims to instill ethical and moral values forms part of the library functions geared towards providing wholesome, quiet and friendly environment which motivates and stimulates students' mind.

  1. Acquire books and other library materials that will support and reinforce the different curricula and will meet the needs, abilities, and interests of students.
  2. Guide students in their choice of books and other material of learning to meet both personal and curricular needs.
  3. Develop in the students the skills and resourcefulness in the use of books and libraries and to encourage the habit of personal investigation.
  4. Encourage lifelong education through the use of library resources.
  5. Work cooperatively with administrators, teachers, and other school personnel for realization of the above objectives.
  6. To provide, manage and maximize client access to relevant, adequate, and quality collections of recorded information and knowledge, in acceptable form and content.

In availing of library services and facilities, the client should have a library card that is validated by the Campus librarian every semester. Researchers from other schools and individuals can avail of library services upon presentation of a valid library card or identification card and of permission and recommendation from their respective librarians or offices or institutions where they are enrolled / employed.

Books are displayed on open shelves arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Library users can gain access to these books directly of through the card catalog. The books are categorized into circulation, reserved and reference books.

The Library opens ten (11) hours everyday from 7:00 A.M. to 12:00 A.M. and 12:00 to 6:00 P.M. without noon break. The Library conducts an orientation program during the 1st semester of each school year and introduces the library rules and regulations.

The following are services offered by the library:

  1. Reader's Services
    1. Assists users in the selecting and borrowing of library materials
    2. Charges overdue borrowed library materials
    3. Renders circulation services to library clienteles
    4. Assists computer users
  2. Technical Services
    1. Conducts physical inventory of library resources
    2. Processes books and other library materials
    3. Catalogues books
    4. Prepares books pockets, book cards and due slips for circulation of books.
    5. Files vertical clippings.

Reserved books, journals, periodicals, encyclopedias, and almanacs are for room-use only. However, they can be photocopied at the photocopier section.

Circulation books may be charged out for overnight use from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M. and should be returned not later than 8:30 A.M. of the following day. In case the due falls on Saturday, Sunday or holidays, the books should be returned on class day following any of the circumstances.

Non-compliance with the policies on returning the books is subject to a fine of P1.00 per hour. A delay of one day is subject to one-week suspension of library privileges. One (1) fiction book can be borrowed during any school day to be returned after three (3) days and depending on need can be renewed.

  1. All students are required to apply for a library card to enjoy library privileges.
  2. Students must submit 2 1x1 ID photos and fill up the student information form.
  3. A lost library card is replaced as soon as one has applied for a replacement. A fine of P20.00 is imposed and an Affidavit of Loss is required.
  4. The use of library card is strictly personal.
  5. Students who lend their library cards will likewise be deprived of their library privileges or suspended for one week.
  6. The owner of the lost borrower’s card should notify the librarian immediately.
  1. Students must present their library card with I.D. pictures at the loan desk before entering the library.
  2. Upon borrowing of books, the students should sign the book card and present it at the charging desk for check- out.
  3. Students are NOT ALLOWED TO EAT inside the library.
  4. Students must be in his/her proper uniform upon entering the library, except on free days. Sleeveless clothes or sandos and slippers are not allowed.
  5. Library properties which are damaged, destroyed or lost, must be reported immediately to the librarian.
  6. Students caught stealing or mutilating books or any library materials will be suspended and can no longer borrow books from the library.
  7. Students who do not observe proper behavior inside the library should be suspended.
  8. Cell phones should be in silent mode; calling and receiving calls should be done outside the library.
  9. Students are required to walk slowly and gently in entering the library. Chatting and discussions should be done outside the library. This should be observed to maintain peace and order in the library as a place conducive for learning.
  10. Bags and big folders must be placed at the Depository Area.
  11. Personal books are allowed in the library.
  12. The library observes the "No library card, No uniform, No Entry" policy.
  1. Computers must be protected and handled properly by the users.
  2. No computers or any part thereof should be taken out of the library for outside use except for purposes required by the person/s in authority.
  3. The library will provide a reservation form to be filled out by the student/s who would like to use the computers on "first come, first served" basis.
  4. As a general rule, a computer unit is to be used for one (1) hour only.
  5. Only students who made reservation can be allowed to enter in the computer area.
  6. Penalty must be imposed upon those caught impairing parts of the computers.
  7. The library charges P4.00/one long-sized and P3.00/ one short-sized bond paper for printing and P10.00/hour for hands-on services.
  1. Borrowing books must be strictly on personal basis.
  2. Faculty and staff can borrow a maximum of five (5) books.
  3. Books must be returned before summer vacation for inventory purposes.
  4. Lost books should be replaced with the same title and author.

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