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Program: Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Services Technology (BSHRST)

Goals of the School of Healthcare Services:


  1. Attain AACCUP higher level of accredited status in Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Services Technology
  2. Continuously provide instruction through a responsive and relevant curriculum that will produce effective facilitators of learning
  3. Employ faculty with appropriate Master’s and Doctorate degree and/or National Competency in the different areas of concentration
  4. Continuously exhibit and nurture a culture of excellence


  1. Initiate and undertake research in hospitality and allied fields
  2. Involve both the faculty and students in conducting educational researches
  3. Link with both private and public organizations/agencies in conducting educational researches
  4. Present research outputs in conferences, fora, etc.


  1. Continuously conduct extension activities involving faculty and students
  2. Collaborate and share expertise with local and global entities
  3. Present extension activities to appropriate bodies


  1. Collaborate with the Campus Resource Generation Unit (CRGU) as regards income generation to augment the School Fund
  2. Involve the students in food procurement, production and service in the campus canteens and other special functions.

The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Services Technology (BSHRST degree program shall:

  1. produce globally competent and quality graduates who have acquired appropriate knowledge and technical skills, have developed personal and social values and adaptive to the work environment;
  2. inculcate in its students the value of independent and life-long learning;
  3. provide valuable services to and share expertise and facilities with various stakeholders on the transfer and promotion of hospitality services for local, regional and national benefit; and
  4. harness and undertake relevant researches directed towards mission-critical, public-service-sensitive, development-management-supportive and revenue-generating areas.

In the light of the foregoing general objectives, the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Services Technology (BSHRST) specifically aims to produce the following sequential levels of competencies:

First Year:

1) Learning the theories and concepts related to food preparation and valuing the importance of safety and sanitation in the workplace; 2) awareness about the process and career opportunities in hospitality industry and how it relates to the business world; and 3) acquisition of competencies and skills in the fields of Bread and Pastry Preparation NC II and Commercial Cooking NC II.

Second Year:

1) Acquisition of competencies and application of basic mechanics appropriate for food and beverage service procedures that include waitering , table skirting, table set-up, napkin folding, butler service and other related tasks in the hospitality industry; 2) awareness of economic, environmental and cultural impact of the hospitality industry; 3) generation of new ideas and practice of the so-called interpersonal skills, positive work attitudes and values as effective innovations which are imperative to global competitiveness and employability; and 4) acquisition of competencies and skills in the fields of Housekeeping NC II and Food and Beverage Services NC II.

Third Year:

1) A broad concept and understanding of the hospitality industry by detailing the flow of hotel business starting with reservation process of various elements of effective management with focus on planning and evaluation of operations; 2) appreciation of the relevance of guest service with emphasis on the development of right attitudes, values, discipline and personality; and 3) acquisition of skills in hotel operations through innovative, effective and relevant pedagogical strategies and techniques.

Fourth Year:

1) Acquisition of competencies and skills for student internship and professional practice; 2) opportunities for thorough exposure to various fields of the hospitality industry such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, travel agencies and the like; 3) opportunities for professional growth and its sustainability to improve qualifications and experiences; and 4) to put into heart and mind the practice of the Code of Ethics in Hospitality Industry.

As a graduate, he/she will be prepared to reliably demonstrate the following:

  • ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction by anticipating customer needs and providing hospitality services in a professional manner.
  • identify the various Philippine tourism industry sectors and analyze their interdependence.
  • apply human resources, management, and leadership knowledge and skills to enhance performance as an employee and team member, and to contribute to the management of a hospitality enterprise.
  • apply basic cost control, basic revenue management, and other basic financial knowledge and skills to the operation of a hospitality enterprise.
  • contribute to marketing and sales effectiveness to promote successful operation of a hospitality enterprise.
  • support the provision of healthy, safe, secure, and well-maintained hospitality environments.
  • develop ongoing personal professional development strategies and plans to enhance leadership and management skills for the hospitality environment.
  • adapt to various and changing technologies, systems, and computer applications for the hospitality industry.
  • perform effectively as an accommodation operations team member.
  • perform effectively as a member of a food and beverage team.

Hence, upon completion of this degree program, the students with the necessary competencies perform the duties, responsibilities and acquired attitude relevant to the job titles of: Software Developer, Multimedia Authoring Specialist/Programmer, Computer Animation Expert, Robotics Technology Specialist, Applications Developer, Information Technology Instructor, Information Security Specialist, Quality Assurance Specialist, and Systems Developer.

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