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The School of Hotel and Restaurant Services Technology, School of Healthcare Services and School of Industrial Technology will undergo survey visits from the AACCUP Accreditors for all of their courses on November 23 until November 25, 2015.

“You have one life. Set bigger goals. Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.”

This is the guiding principle of a man, who behind his simple countenance, stands a strong will with honor and dignity. He is a graduate of B.S Computer Science at Computer College of the
Visayas in 1998. He took his Master’s degree in Information Technology at University of St. La Salle-Bacolod in 2009 and Doctor of Education (Educational Management) at West Visayas State University- Lambunao last 2014. He is the former Director of the School of Information Technology of this institution. He is Dr. Ariel R. Judilla, the newly designated Dean of Instruction of WVSU-JC

Dean of Instruction, Ariel Reyes Judilla


With the aim of having the dean up close with the family of WVSU-JC, I was tasked to interview him about his work and experiences as Dean of Instruction.

H: As Dean of Instruction, how do you find your work?

D: As Dean of Instruction, who plays an important role in enriching, maintaining and evaluating the overall quality of student life, it is a big challenge in my part. My role as academic dean is one that is multi-faceted, challenging and often ambiguous to support the academic mission of the university by facilitating personal, academic, civic, social, spiritual and professional development of students.

H: On behalf of the teachers, what can you say about the implementation of the K-12 program?

D: Considering K-12 is an urgent need to enhance the quality of basic education in our country as seen in the education outcomes of Filipino students and the comparative disadvantage of the Philippines with regard to the other countries. Even though the program has been already taken off, the question is, how are we ready right now in the tertiary education? At present, the Department of Education focuses on the secondary education development programs as to the preparation of the full implementation of the K-12 program. In contrary, it is a big challenge to all of us in the tertiary education. Specifically, in the administration of our institution in terms of faculty concerns to their duties and responsibilities, if they are ready to accept the challenge during the transition period of K-12 program implementation.

H: What are the changes you wish to happen in regards to both students’ and teachers’ welfare?

D: With high moral for both students and faculty having equal opportunities in developing and adhering to high standards of practice and behaviour including educational training and preparation; on-going professional development; certification and licensure qualification processes; internal and external evaluation of services and programs; assessment of students outcomes; staff performance review systems; codes of ethics; and management practices. All are necessary in order to deliver the best in services and programs and be accountable to students and faculty.

H: How do you envision the field of instruction under your management?

D: To accredit 100% all programs at level II accredited; to pass the International Organization for the Standardization(ISO). To promote inter-association efforts to address higher education issues of quality assurance, student learning and professional integrity in tertiary education.

Also, actively promotes campus involvement, diversity and retention through student organisations and of a general resource for all students when appropriate. It must be a leader not a boss in assisting faculty in establishing standards of conduct as well as disseminating and enforcing university rules, regulations, and policies.

H: As Dean of Instruction, what are your future plans?

D: To establish, adopt and disseminate unified and timely professional standards for students, student development programs, academic support services, and related higher education programs and services.

H: What is your message to the faculty and students?

D: The office of the Dean encourages interactions among students, faculty and staff to promote a campus climate, which supports students ’academic success and their personal and professional development. In addition, my office strives as an advocate for student issues, needs, and concerns; and assists students in preparing for their lives beyond West Visayas State University- Janiuay Campus.

I have the great honor of providing leadership and direction for several centers and services and serve as the senior advocate for students. In my role as your advocate, I work closely with faculty, staff and student leaders to enhance the quality of the university life for our students. It is our hope that students will take advantage of their time at WVSU-JC by participating in opportunities that challenge, inspire, and expand their worldview through connections with faculty, staff, student peers, and the surrounding WVSU-JC community.

We, in the administration are committed to our mission to embrace, engage, educate, and enlighten and empower our students. I encourage you to participate in the multiple opportunities for leadership development, volunteer service, student engagement, and multi-cultural activities offered at our campus. Our goal is to facilitate our creation of caring, respectful and productive community of student learners and leaders. We assist and support students to reach beyond their grasp and to develop their full potential. “Mabuhay ang WVSU Janiuay Campus.”

It was a distinct honor to have an interview with Dr. Ariel Judilla. He has unselfishly shared his thoughts and insights which was a good foundation in establishing good leadership. He showed the visage of an embracing Dean of Instruction.

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